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1. How can I find out if I am eligible for a discount on my sewer charge for lawn sprinkling?
2. How can a tenant assume responsibility for the Sewer and Water bills?
3. I have a problem with low water pressure. Whom do I call?
4. If I fill my swimming pool, will I be billed for the Sewer?
5. If my sewer backs up into the basement, whom do I contact?
6. Is there a senior's discount on water charges?
7. My electrical power is out. Can anything be done?
8. My water bill is much higher this month than last. Why?
9. There is a damaged manhole cover on my street. Who should I contact?
10. There is water coming up into the street. Who should I contact?
11. To correct a misspelled name or correct a mailing address on my Local Utility bill, what number should I call?
12. What are the business hours for the Local Utility office?
13. What should I do if I lose my sewer bill?
14. Why am I billed for local sewers?
15. Why am I billed a landfill fee?