How will billing be different?
  • You will receive a monthly water bill from Cleveland Water and a monthly sewer bill from Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District. 
  • You will also receive a quarterly bill from Cleveland Heights for landfill and local sewer charges. 
    • Only these quarterly charges to Cleveland Heights can still be paid at City Hall and online.

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1. How is my rate determined?
2. How will billing be different?
3. I am an owner, but I have the bill sent to my tenant each month. Will Cleveland Water mail the bill to my tenant?
4. I am currently on the homestead program. Do I have to re-apply with Cleveland Water?
5. I am experiencing a hardship. Does Cleveland Water offer any discount plans?
6. I have a re-register meter. Will Cleveland Water continue to bill for this meter?
7. I owe a delinquent bill to Cleveland Heights. Will that amount go on my Cleveland bill?
8. If I have an emergency, who do I contact?
9. If I have questions about water quality, who do I contact?
10. If my service is currently disconnected due to non-payment, will it automatically be turned on by Cleveland Water?
11. Is the transition charge a flat fee?
12. What if I have AutoPay to pay my Cleveland Heights water bill?
13. When will I receive my first bill from Cleveland Water?
14. When will I receive my last bill from Cleveland Heights Water?
15. Whom should I call if a water main breaks?
16. Will I be able to pay my Cleveland Water bill at Cleveland Heights City Hall?
17. Will I be able to pay my Cleveland Water bill through the Payment Services Network (PSN) online service?
18. Will I receive a refund for a deposit I paid some years ago?