Meadowbrook & Lee

July 2018

On July 30, City Council approved legislation, Resolution 079-2018, authorizing the City Manager to negotiate a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Cedar Lee Connection, LLC, for the development of the City-owned Meadowbrook & Lee site. Cedar Lee Connection was selected as the City’s development partner through the RFP/RFQ process.

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June 2018

Two development teams, Cedar Lee Connection and Newland Developments, LLC have been selected as finalists for the Meadowbrook and Lee site redevelopment project. The proposals and presentations these teams have submitted are attached. Both firms will be presenting to City Council on June 11, 2018. It is anticipated that the City will begin contract negotiations with a development team shortly.

The City of Cleveland Heights, Ohio seeks to identify a qualified developer or development team whom the City can work collaboratively with to redevelop approximately 1.07 acres of currently City-owned property known as the “Meadowbrook & Lee Site” (the “Site”). The Site is located at 2223 Lee Road, parcel number 68708001, in the heart of, and within easy walking distance to businesses in, one of the City’s most popular and vibrant commercial districts, the Cedar Lee District. The Site is bounded by Lee Road, Meadowbrook Boulevard and Tullamore Road.

The District is truly one of the Cleveland areas most vibrant shopping and dining experiences and the City believes this RFQ/RFP offers an excellent opportunity to create an amenity-filled development that will add to the unique character of the surrounding Cedar Lee neighborhood and the City. The City welcomes and encourages highly creative ideas and approaches to create a dense, vibrant, pedestrian friendly and unique commercial, office, residential or potentially mixed-use development that leverages the placemaking opportunities of the site and the Cedar Lee District.

 The City has issued a Request for Qualifications and Preliminary Development Proposals (“RFQ/RFP”) on February 26, 2018.  The RFQ/RFP provides details about the Site and surrounding areas, establishes the redevelopment goals of the City, and outlines the information required from interested development partners, as well as the process by which a development partner will be selected. Qualifications and supporting materials in response to the RFQ/RFP must be received by Monday, April 16, 2018 at 5:00 pm EST.

In the interest of efficiency, rather than undertaking separate RFQ and Request for Proposal (“RFP”) processes, the City wishes to use this single process, which is a hybrid between a true RFQ and an RFP, to understand each developer’s or team’s qualifications as well as their proposed vision(s) of this Site’s redevelopment potential. Through this process, the City seeks to identify and select a developer with whom to work collaboratively with to refine and implement the final redevelopment concept. As input from the City and the public is expected to shape the final development plan, the City does not require that conceptual drawings or renderings be submitted at this time. However, such drawings and/or renderings will be accepted and considered as part of this RFQ/RFP process.

At the conclusion of the evaluation process, the City anticipates entering into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) followed by a Development Agreement with the selected development partner that will outline the roles and responsibilities of each party and establish timelines for completing the development. Upon commencement of this redevelopment, the City envisions consideration of several site control options such as selling the Site to the selected developer, entering into a long term ground lease, or other arrangements to be negotiated with the developer.

Questions regarding the project are encouraged and should be directed to the City’s Economic Development Director Tim Boland at 216-291-4857 or email

Updates to the redevelopment process will be posted on this website.

Questions and Answers

Q. What is the maximum number of residential units that could be constructed on the site?
A. (According to the current zoning of the property) “In a C-2X district, use page 95 of the Zoning Code, Schedule 1131.04 to find that your land area is divided by 1740 square feet per dwelling unit to determine the maximum number permitted. Please note that Page 90, Schedule 1131.02 does not allow a stand-alone apartment at this site. The first floor must be commercial uses.”

Q. Is there a survey/utility map for the site?
A. The most recent survey of the property was done in 2012. Download the 2012 Site Survey (PDF).

Q. Are there any known easements or limitations on the property?
A. AT&T does have an easement that runs through the property. It is shown on the 2012 Site Survey. Additional information regarding the easement can be found in the AT&T Easement (PDF).

Q. Is there a geotechnical report for the site?
A. A geotechnical report was prepared in 2012. Download the Geotechnical Report (PDF).

Q. Per the RFQ/RFP Submission Requirements, can a letter of reference be included as part of the materials submitted in response to the RFQ/RFP for this project?
A. Yes.