Development Projects

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Top of the Hill Development

The Top of the Hill Project refers to the approximately four acres of City-owned property at the corner of Cedar Road and Euclid Heights Boulevard at the top of Cedar Hill. As a highly visible property at the gateway between the Heights and University Circle, developing this property has been a long-time goal of the City.

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Cedar-Lee-Meadowbrook Site Redevelopment

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The site is located on land consisting of surface and covered parked areas and vacant land, in the heart of, and within easy walking distance to businesses in one of the City’s most popular and vibrant commercial districts - the Cedar Lee District. This dynamic, pedestrian-oriented area is one of the largest commercial districts within the City, extending along a one mile corridor.

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Severance Town Center Redevelopment

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The redevelopment of the privately-owned Severance Town Center as a mixed-use and walkable area consistent with the character of Cleveland Heights is a priority goal for the City. As the largest business district in Cleveland Heights, Severance Town Center’s redevelopment could provide significant amenities and opportunities. In 2017, the City worked with the National Resource Network and consulting firm HR&A to develop a feasibility study for redevelopment of the Center. The City has reached out to and is engaging with the property owners, and we look forward to a collaborative plan for redeveloping this important site.

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