May 15, 2017

Resolution 043-2017 (PDF): Second Reading. Establishing a Charter Review Commission, including prescribing the number of commissioners and method of appointment and charging said Commission. Passed 7-0

Ordinance 051-2017 (PDF): To approve current replacement pages to the Cleveland Heights Codified Ordinances; Passed 7-0

Ordinance 052-2017 (PDF): First Reading. Providing for the issuance and sale of bonds in the maximum principal amount of $6,050,000 for the purpose of paying costs of acquiring and installing energy conservation measures in City buildings and facilities, Passed 7-0

Resolution 053-2017 (PDF): Authorizing the City Manager to allocate 100% of the Heights-Hillcrest Communications Center (“HHCC”) employees’ municipal income taxes to the HHCC; Passed 7-0

Resolution 054-2017 (PDF): Authorizing a City application for Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality federal funding; Passed 7-0

Resolution 055-2017 (PDF): Authorizing the City Manager to negotiate a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding with Flaherty and Collins Properties concerning the Top of the Hill development; Passed 7-0

Resolution 056-2017 (PDF): Amending Section 737.03, License Application, Investigation and Fee of Chapter 737, “Peddlers and Solicitors,” of the Codified Ordinances of Cleveland Heights to raise the fee for licenses of businesses of a peddler or solicitor pertaining to the administration and enforcement of said license; Passed 7-0

Resolution 057-2017 (PDF): Proclaiming June 2, 2017, National Gun Violence Awareness Day, in the City of Cleveland Heights; Passed 7-0