October 16, 2017

Resolution 108-2017 (PDF): Authorizing the Ohio Department of Transportation (“ODOT”) to complete a project improving traffic signals and pedestrian crossing facilities within Cleveland Heights

Resolution 109-2017 (PDF): Authorizing the City Manager to apply to the State of Ohio, through the Office of the District One Public Works Integrating Committee, for Ohio Public Works Commission funds to be used for the Washington Boulevard Rehabilitation Project

Resolution 110-2017 (PDF): First Reading. Authorizing the City Manager to submit the Community Development Block Grant entitlement application for the year beginning January 1, 2018

Resolution 111-2017 (PDF): Authorizing the City Manager to submit an application to the Northeast Ohio Area Wide Coordinating Agency for a grant under the Transportation for Livable Communities Initiative Planning Grant Program to fund a study on the Coventry Village Business District and surrounding neighborhood

Resolution 112-2017 (PDF): Authorizing an agreement with Horton Emergency Vehicles for the purchase of a new ambulance for the Fire Department through the Ohio Department of Administrative Services Cooperative Purchasing Program;

Resolution 113-2017 (PDF): Adopting the 2017-2022 update of the Countywide All Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan for Cuyahoga County

Ordinance 114-2017 (PDF): Amending various sections of Chapter 753, Non-Bank Automated Teller Machines, of the Codified Ordinances of Cleveland Heights.