July 5, 2016

Resolution 056-2016 (PDF): 1st Reading. Approving the adoption of the 2017 Tax Budget;

Ordinance 057-2016 (PDF): Providing for the issuance and sale of $1,700,000 of notes, in anticipation of the issuance of bonds, for the purpose of (i) reconstructing, resurfacing and otherwise improving City streets, together with necessary appurtenances thereto, (ii) rebuilding Monticello Boulevard and Taylor Road, including engineering and planning costs with respect thereto, (iii) acquiring motorized equipment and appurtenances thereto, (iv) acquiring computer hardware and related equipment and (v) improving the City’s water system by constructing and installing water lines, together with the necessary related equipment, improvements and appurtenances thereto, Passed 5-0

Resolution 058-2016 (PDF): Authorizing the City Manager to enter into an agreement with GPD Group for administration and inspection services for the Cedar Road Resurfacing/ Cedar-Fairmount Streetscape Project; providing compensation therefor; Passed 5-0