Mission Statement

Cleveland Heights proudly connects with its history as a first suburb of Cleveland and as a mature, integrated, residential community. We meet the challenges of maintaining and improving architecturally unique homes and buildings; improving the amenities of neighborhoods, parklands and recreational facilities; the continual upgrading of our vital infrastructure; and ongoing renewal through residential and commercial economic development.


To accomplish this mission, the City has committed to the following goals.

  • To remain a leader in integration, assuring mutual respect among a racially and culturally diverse population.
  • To provide excellent protection through professionally well-trained safety forces.
  • To advance through improved technology the condition of our infrastructure and basic city services which establish the foundation of a strong community.
  • To maintain, improve and renovate our housing stock to gain optimum value and to encourage the preservation of our history through our homes, our commercial buildings and our educational, religious and civic institutions.
  • To enhance the quality of our community life through the arts, leisure activity and recreational programming for all age groups.
  • To physically upgrade our commercial districts and influence the recruitment of a relevant retail mix of businesses.
  • To engage in an ongoing open dialogue with neighborhood and commercial groups to insure that city services are shaped by the ever-changing needs of our residents and merchants.
  • To support our neighborhoods by reaffirming our commitment to traditional values and by assuring tranquility within the environment.
  • To develop alternative housing to meet life style needs of all market segments, especially young professionals and empty nesters.
  • To promote and support the advantages of quality education, especially in the public school system.
  • To ease the tax burden of our residents through economic development.

These ongoing goals serve as a guide as we strive to offer the best in services and programming to our community. The City Department pages give an overview of each department's responsibilities and useful information for our residents.