Found Pets

Found Dog at Demington

Description: Shepard type dog. Seemingly small, young. Limping. Pink collar no tag.

Area Where Found: Fairmount and Demington.

Contact: Please contact Jean at 216-470-2000

Posted 08/21/2017

Black and Grey Dog

Description: Black and gray, medium sized, curly-haired dog. She does not have a collar, but is well-groomed and well-mannered. Very energetic and friendly, does not bark, comes when called and sits on command.

Area Where Found: Yorkshire Road

Contact: Please text Maia at 904-625-5569

Posted 08/14/2017

found cat tabby full

Description: Orange tabby cat, has bright green eyes and a white notch in the ear. The cat is very friendly and responsive.

Area Where Found: Cedar Road near Cedar/ Fairmount.

Contact: Please call Danielle at 724-288-1053

Posted 06/12/2017

found cat flapjack full

Description: Found female cat with injured right paw. She is white with gray and black markings.

Area Where Found: Area of Glynn Road, Northvale and Brewster.

Contact: Please call 216-321-0206

Posted 06/01/2017

found cat coventry full

Description: Long hair gray and white cat. Declawed on all four feet. Very friendly and vocal. Must have been out for a while, very skinny and cute.

Area Where Found: Near Coventry and Mayfield.

Contact: Please call 216-570-1622

Posted 05/30/2017

found cat hampshire full

Description: Large black and white cat. It has a very loud and frequent meow. It will come close to people but will growl if touched.

Area Where Found: Near Hampshire and Coventry.

Contact: Please contact Allison at 214-677-5611 or email

Posted 02/02/2017

found kitten wood full

Description: Gray, long haired kitten about 4-6 months old. Still has claws.

Area Where Found: Wood Road

Contact: Please contact Laura at email or call 216-410-6451.

Posted 09/27/2016

No Photo Available

Description: Found Westie Terrier. White in color.

Area Where Found: Somerton Road

Contact: Please call Natasha at 216-470-8468 

Posted 08/22/2016

found cat cumberland full

Description: Small cat, probably about 6 months old. Very friendly, no collar.

Area Where Found: Cumberland Pool/Park area

Contact: Please call Hattie at 440-796-0662

Posted 08/04/2016