Lost Dogs


Description: Summer is a female Long-hair Chihuahua + Mini American Shepherd mix with Black with White & Tan coloring. She weighs about 10 pounds. Microchip ID Number: 933000320098370.

Contact: Please call Maize at 216-269-1471 or mandemics@gmail.com.

Posted 11/30/2020           


Description: Bella Blue. She is a bluetick coonhound. She weighs about 60 pounds. She is micro chipped but does not have a collar on. She is friendly but someone saw her yesterday and she shied away from them.

Last Seen: East Derbyshire and Lee Rd.

Contact: Please call Charles at 937-271-4773.

Posted 11/25/2020           


Description: Duke is white, black, and gray. He did not have his collar on at the time. He’s 4yrs old.

Last Seen: Rydelmount Road

Contact: Please call Charles at 618-203-0320.

Posted 2/06/2020                      


Description: Small/medium grey terrier mix.

Last Seen: Noble Neighborhood

Contact: Please call Amber at 330-421-9294.

Posted 02/03/2020