Lost Dogs

Dog Remington

Description: Remington is a medium build, black dog with a white belly. Wearing a choke chain collar with no tags.

Last Seen: Renfield Road

Contact: Please call or 810-422-7202.

Posted 9/24/17                       

No Photo Available

Description: Lilly is a 1 to 2 year old, 50lb. black lab and friendly.

Last Seen: North Park Boulelvad.

Contact: Please call 216-266-0507

Posted 6/30/17                       

Dog Joker

Description: Joker Chuhuahua Coorgi mix. Chip tracker number 982000409107398.

Last Seen: Forest Hills Park

Contact: Please contact Adjimah Young at 216-315-5365.

Posted 6/12/17                       

No Photo Available

Description: Toby is a purebred Australian Shepherd, tricolored (brown, white, tan). Very friendly, pretty dog. His rabies tag on his red and rainbow-colored collar says Lyndhurst Animal Clinic with the number 440-449-6644.

Last Seen: Erieview Road.

Contact: Please contact Christy at 216-375-8978

Posted 6/01/17                       

No Photo Available

Description: Teddi is a Silver/Black Yorkie Terrier.

Last Seen: Euclid Heights Boulevard and Berkshire Lane.

Contact: Please contact Karen at 216-647-5774

Posted 5/19/17                       

No Photo Available

Description: Dakota is a pure bread female black lab. She does not have a collar or tags but has a small pimple look alike bump on one of her paws. She is very friendly and is a slightly goofy sometimes even hangs her tongue from the side of her mouth. She responds to a variety of commands but you'll likely get a good reaction from her by saying food. She will jump up and down as well as in circles and will bark loudly and anxiously.

Last Seen: Cleveland Heights

Contact: Please contact Jordan at 216-965-7342 or email

Posted 4/3/17                       

Dog Buddy

Description: Buddy is a Black with a white under belly and paws Beagle Mix, big ears. about 20 or 25 pounds. 10 years old.

Last Seen: St. Albans area.

Contact: Please call 216-469-7027

Posted 2/6/17                       

Dog Sandy

Description: Sandy is a 3 year old yellow lab.

Last Seen: Argonne and Belvoir Area. Headed towards Mayfield.

Contact: Please call Jim Anderson 216-570-2677

Posted 1/9/17                       

No Photo Available

Description: Millie is a mixed chocolate lab with a white patch on her chest and last seen wearing her red harness.

Last Seen:Yorkshire Road.

Contact: Please call 216-205-1081 or email

Posted 1/9/17                       

Dog Wiz

Description: Wiz  is a male adult dark brown pit bull very friendly he has markings on face and neck that are white we have checked all Kennels been in communication with Police Department we believe someone in the neighborhood may have him we are offering a $150 cash reward for his safe return

Contact: Please call 738-6783 or 246-5414

Posted 12/7/16                       

No Photo Available

Description: Kendall is a white with black spots Chihuahua/shih Tzu mix, she's 4 months old about six pounds with a red neck collar.

Last Seen: Quilliams/Burbridge area

Contact: Please call Tawana at 216-390-0869 or email

Posted 11/30/16               

Dog Athena

Description: Her name is Athena and She is a cream colored Labrador Retriever approximately 70-80 pounds and friendly.

Last Seen: Near Elmwood Road.

Contact: Please call Robert at 216-832-2483 or Ashley at 419-410-4476

Posted 10/17/16                       

Dog Cooper

Description: His name is Cooper and he is a Brittany.  He is very friendly with humans.

Last Seen: Lee and Scarborough.

Contact: Josh at 760-533-3776

Posted 10/11/16                       

Dog Black Maltese

Description: Dog may be a Maltese.

Last Seen: Corner of Lee Road and Washington Boulevard

Contact: Charles at 216-470-9727

Posted 09/30/16

Dog Cocoa

Description: Cocoa is a medium sized, 3 Year old Basenji Mix

Last Seen: Near Monticello and Keystone Drive

 Contact: email

Posted 09/12/16                       

No Photo Available

Description: Emma is a 15 month old smaller black cat with white paws, chest, and snoot that makes her look like she's wearing a zorro mask. She's an indoor only cat that got out on 9/1/2016. $200 reward.

Last Seen: Medford and Claridon area off Noble Road.

Contact: Gordon at 216-233-5551 or email

Posted 09/6/16                       

Dog Kiyah

Description: Kiyah is a female BeaBull. Weighs 52 pounds, somewhat skittish, responds to women better than men. Will probably try to run from anyone who comes near her. Very harmless!

Last Seen: North Park Boulevard

Contact: Melanie Gray 216-408-7427 or Jessica Taylor 216-633-2198

Posted 08/17/16