Lost Cats

Cat Jada

Description: Jada is a 2 year old Siberian female. She is spayed and declawed on front claws and is microchipped.

Last Seen: North Park, Horseshoe Lake, Beaumont neighborhood.

Contact: Please contact Anne at 216-308-1276

Posted 10/18/17                       

Cat Scruffy

Description: Scruffy cat is an Orange Coon Cat (big) with a fluffy tail and white paws and belly.

Last Seen: Blanche Avenue.

Contact: Please contact Melvin Terry at 216-397-0628

Posted 10/6/17                       

Cat Charlie

Description: Charlie is about 4 months old. He has light brown fur (tan) with white markings on his head, stomach and lower legs. He is young and very friendly.

Last Seen: Queenston Road

Contact: Please call or text 216-932-9372.

Posted 9/8/17                       

Cat Bella

Description: Bella is a 12 year old calico cat. Bella is a large (12#) domestic medium hair calico.  She is very, very friendly and will come when called. She is afraid of dogs.

Last Seen: Whitehorn Road

Contact: Please call or text 216-704-5414.

Posted 8/28/17                       

Cat BeBe

Description: BeBe is a very skittish indoor cat. She is 10 years old and has long black hair with grey/chocolate undercoat. She does not bite or scratch. No collar or chip. Shes only been outside a few times with supervision. She responds to sounds of fingernail clicking, mouth clicking, 8-16 leg pats and happy whistling.

Last Seen: Jackson Boulevard. near South Taylor and Cedar Roads.

Contact: Please email Jae or call 440-522-7660.

Posted 7/24/17                       

Cat Cinnimon Roll

Description: Cinnamon Roll is a 6 pound, Green Eyed, Tortoise-Shell kitten. 1 year old. Super sweet and friendly. She is good with being picked up. Is extra fast and does not bite.

Last Seen: Hampshire Road area.

Contact: Please contact Elizabeth at 216-408-0917.

Posted 7/19/17                       

Cat Alice

Description: Alice is a dark-striped tabby with white neck, belly, paws and muzzle.

Last Seen: Elmwood Road area.

Contact: Please contact Anne at 216-798-4977.

Posted 7/17/17                       

Cat Max

Description: Max is a Savannah Cat, brown with spots and 2 years old.

Last Seen: Northcliffe Road area.

Contact: Please contact Brandy

Posted 7/03/17                       

No Photo Available

Description: SageJoe is a large orange and white male Tabby with a big nose. He is an inside cat with his claws.

Last Seen: Berkeley Road.

Contact: Please contact Jennifer

Posted 6/20/17

Cat Roger

Description: Rodger is a large long haired tabby and I haven't found his collar around the house so I'm hoping it's still on him. There is a lot of construction by our house now and I think he got scared and ran when the door was open.

Last Seen: Hampstead Road area.

Contact: Please contact Jordan at 216-470-7333

Posted 4/4/17                       

Cat Niko

Description: Niko is an all-black, female cat. She weighs about 7 pounds. She has a black collar with moon and stars, and a bell. The address on her collar is correct, but the phone number is out of service (412 area code).

Last Seen: Cleveland Heights.

Contact: Please contact Mike or 216-310-3721

Posted 4/4/17                       

Cat Laney

Description: Laney is about a year old and is black and white with green eyes and a light blue collar.

Last Seen: Coventry Road area.

Contact: Please contact Kadie at 614-284-7344 or email 

Posted 2/24/17

Cat Fluffy

Description: Fluffy Long hair tabby with a crippled front leg. Afraid of people. Reward

Last Seen: Fairmount and North Woodland area 

Contact: Please call 216-470-2838 or email

Posted 1/30/17                       

Cat Cleo

Description: Cleo is a short haired tortoiseshell female cat and her chin hair color is white. She's not the kind of cat to meow.

Last Seen: Cleveland Heights and East Cleveland Border

Contact: Please call Vivian at 216-894-5731

Posted 11/3/16                       

Cat Micio

Description: Name is Micio, doesn't wear a collar. Black and white, with white paws, white belly, white "beard". Black head, back, etc.  About 9-10 pounds, well groomed. He is microchipped.

Last Seen: East Fairfax, near South Taylor

Contact: Please call Anjali at 216-543-7475 or email

Posted 10/26/16

Cat Wally

Description: His name is Wally and he is orange and white.  

Last Seen: Queenston Road.

Contact: Please call 216-932-9372

Posted 09/30/16                       

No Photo Available

Description: Emma is a 15 month old smaller black cat with white paws, chest, and snoot that makes her look like she's wearing a zorro mask. She's an indoor only cat that got out on 9/1/2016. $200 reward.

Last Seen: Medford and Claridon area off Noble Road.

Contact: Gordon at 216-233-5551 or email

Posted 09/6/16                       

Cat Ursa

Description: Ursa is a 17-year old long-haired black cat. She is black with some brown on her belly and has one cloudy eye. She is friendly and mostly sleeps and has never been a hunter or wanderer so is likely close by.

Last Seen: Corner of Lamberton and Derbyshire.

Contact: Chris at 917-902-5089 or email

Posted 08/02/16