2019 Road Program

This work is funded by the License Plate and Gasoline Tax.

The following streets will be Paved/Resurfaced this year:

  • Edgehill/Overlook: Intersection
  • Lamberton: Meadowbrook to Clarkson
  • Norfolk: Berkshire to Overlook
  • Selwyn: Monticello to Greyton
  • South Overlook: North Park to Cedar
  • Washington: East Corp Limit (Univ. Hts.) to Superior
  • Westminster: Meadowbrook to Corydon

The following streets will be Surface Treated this year:

  • Berkshire: Coventry to Washington
  • Delmore: Noble to Cleveland Heights
  • Derbyshire: Cottage Grove to Lamberton
  • Edgehill: Euclid Heights to Kenilworth
  • Kildare: Cedar to Taylor
  • Ormond: Taylor to Lee
  • Quarry: Monticello to Bluestone

The following streets will under go Major Reconstruction this year:

  • Meadowbrook: Taylor to the East Corp. Limit (Univ. Hts.)