2018 Road Program

This work is funded by the License Plate and Gasoline Tax.

The following streets will be paved/resurfaced this year:

  • Cedar-Glen: Euclid Heights to West Corporate Limit *
  • Clarence: Randolph to Noble
  • Kenilworth Lane: Euclid Heights to Kenilworth
  • Lecona: Randolph to Noble
  • Medford: Randolph to Noble
  • Middlehurst: Mayfield to Hampshire
  • Nobleshire: Randolph to Nobel
  • Norfolk: Berkshire to Overlook
  • Randolph: Quilliams to Woodview
  • Silsby: Meadowbrook to Lee
  • Stoneleigh: Fenley to Bluestone
  • Vineshire: Randolph to Noble
  • Warrensville Center Road: Noble to Mayfield *
  • Woodview: Noble to Randolph

* In partnership with Cuyahoga County

The following streets will be chip sealed this year:

  • Ardoon: Glenwood to Montevista
  • Derbyshire: Lee to Cottage Grove
  • Idlewood: Monmouth to Fairmount
  • Parkdale: Noble to Cleveland Heights
  • Tudor: Fairmount to Nottinghill Lane