Principle of Sustainability

Sustainability is based on a simple principle. Everything that we need for our survival and well-being depends, either directly or indirectly, on our natural environment. Sustainability creates and maintains the conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony, that permit fulfilling the social, economic and ecological requirements of present and future generations.

The Strategic Development Plan encourages sustainable practices for development activities including energy strategies, green building designs and development practices. One of the strategies to achieve this is to amend our zoning regulation to incorporate sustainable practices.


On May 21, Cleveland Heights City Council approved amending our Zoning Ordinance to incorporate a Sustainable Zoning Code Amendment (PDF).

Cleveland Heights is committed to providing alternative transportation options to our residents and is pursuing ways to become a more bicycle-friendly community.

Circle-Heights Bicycle Network & Missing Links

Transportation Planning Study

Two studies are underway to develop and enhance bicycle and transit accommodations in the greater University Circle area and Cleveland Heights to encourage people to bike or take transit rather than drive: The Circle-Heights Bicycle Network Plan and The Missing Link Transportation Study. The power point presentation from the April 18th public meeting (PDF) provides an overview of the studies and explains our online survey.

Over 700 responses to our online survey are now being reviewed and compiled. This information will help shape the future of alternative mode travel in Cleveland Heights and University Heights. Thank you for your participation!

At the May 24th Missing Links work session information concerning current transit opportunities (PDF) was reviewed. Minutes of this Transit Focus Meeting (PDF) can be reviewed.

The final report and appendices can be found:

Solar Bus Shelters

RTA Solar Bus Shelters Solar Shelter

Two Solar Bus Shelters have been installed. One is at Mayfield Road and Warrensville Center Road and the second is located at Mayfield Road and Coventry Road. During the day, the shelter looks transparent and colorless. At night, front and back panels glow in programmable LED lighted color.

For more information, email Richard Wong.

Cumberland Pool Parking Lot MapCumberland Pool Parking Lot

A $238,726 Ohio EPA grant enabled the City to convert the Cumberland Pool parking lot into a water quality demonstration project! Precipitation drains from the parking lot into landscaped areas and is absorbed by plants and engineered soil. Excess water, after being filtered by fabric, gravel and soil, is piped to Dugway Brook. Heights High students will continue to measure and analyze water quality as part of their curriculum.

For more information, email us.