Landmarks Listing

LandmarkLocation / Address
Preyer House
14299 Superior Road
Superior Schoolhouse 14391 Superior Road
Patrick Calhoun House2460 Edgehill Road
John Hartness Brown House 2380 Overlook Road
Tremaine-Gallagher House 3001 Fairmount Boulevard
Burdick House 2424 Stratford Road
Church of the Saviour 2537 Lee Road
St. Ann Church Group2175 Coventry Road
Herrick Mews Carriage House District 1 - 5 Herrick Mews
Heights Rockefeller Building Mayfield Road and Lee Boulevard
Park Synagogue 3300 Mayfield Road
St. Paul's Episcopal Church Group 2747 Fairmount Boulevard
Richard Penty House 3497 Fairmount Boulevard
Cain ParkLee and Superior Roads
Asa Cady House 3921-23 Bluestone Road
Willard Wight House 2751 Noble Road
William Quilliams House 884 Quilliams Road
Grace Lutheran Church 13001 Cedar Road
Braverman-Brantley Apartments 2378 Euclid Heights Boulevard
The College Club of Cleveland
(formerly the Alexander House)
 2348 Overlook Road
The Alcazar 2450 Derbyshire Road at Surrey Road
Beaumont School3301 North Park Boulevard at Lee Road,
formerly the Painter Estate
Coventry Library 1925 Coventry Road
Beardslee House Schroeder House 4143 Bluestone Road
Heights Center Building 12429 Cedar Road
Charles H. Beardslee House 2232 Elandon Drive
Zerbe-Halle House 2163 Harcourt Drive
Adams-Long House3555 Birch Tree Path
The Civic (formerly Temple on the Heights) 3130 Mayfield Road
Noble Road Fire Station 2589 Noble Road
Silsby Road Fire Station 3216 Silsby Road
Lake View CemeteryMayfield and Kenilworth Roads (Cleveland Heights portion)
John Hecker House 3585 Fairmount Boulevard
Adella Prentiss Hughes House 2400 Kenilworth Road
Bramson House 2873 East Overlook Road
Cumberland Park Cumberland and Mayfield Roads
Christ Our Redeemer African Methodist
Episcopal Church

 14284 Superior Road
Cedar Lee Theatre Complex 2163-2177 Lee Road
Clapp-Curran Estate 2780 East Overlook
2783 Berkshire Road (gardener's cottage)
Warner-Racca House and Carriage House 2689 East Overlook Road
Overlook Place Condominiums
(formerly El Canon Apartment Building)
 2577 Overlook Road
William R. Jeavons House 2541 Arlington Road
Morris L. Finneburgh House 3111 Monticello Boulevard
Joseph R. and Elizabeth Nutt-
St. Ann Convent House and Carriage House
 2285 Coventry Road
Grant W Deming House 3154 Redwood Road
Alfred E and Flora Cook House 2267 Bellfield Avenue
Lanphear-Callander Sears House 3402 Ormond Road
Abeyton Realty Corporation
(Forest Hill Real Estate Office)
 2419 Lee Boulevard
Community of Living Hope
(formerly Church of the Cross)
 973 Caledonia Avenue
Elizabeth Keyes Churchill House 2001 Chestnut Hills Drive
The James C. Beardslee and Cornelia Wadhams Beardslee House
2560 Stratford Road