City Manager

The City Manager, as the chief administrative officer of Cleveland Heights, is appointed by Council to implement and supervise the programs established by Council through its policy decisions. 

Public Safety

The City Manager is responsible for the daily administration of all city business and serves as the Director of Public Safety, which includes both the Police and Fire Departments.

Annual General Fund Budget

The Office of the City Manager prepares and submits to Council the annual general fund budget. It is the goal of this division to prepare a budget that incorporates departmental needs and requests, and provides for all necessary services and programs. This division then monitors the approved budget throughout the year.

Human Resources

The Cleveland Heights labor force includes both unionized and non-unionized employees. The unionized component includes four distinct collective bargaining units for which contract negotiations regularly occur. The City Manager's Office conducts all such contract negotiations and administers the terms of each contract.

The City Manager's Office also oversees and administers the City's general liability and all related areas of insurance. This includes risk management and related safety programs.

Management Information Systems

The Management Information Systems Division is under the supervision of the City Manager's Office, provides computer-related and telephone communication services to all city departments.