Taylor Tudor Plaza Redevelopment

Taylor Tudor
Taylor Tudor South Building

RFP/RFQ Announcement

Please note that deadline for responses and supporting materials has been changed to December 10, 2021 at 4:00pm ET in accordance with the instructions in the RFP/RFP document.

The City of Cleveland Heights is pleased to announce the issuance of a Request for Proposals/Request for Qualifications (RFP/RFQ) for the redevelopment of the Taylor Tudor Plaza. Through the RFP/RFQ process, the City seeks to identify a qualified developer or development team with whom the City can work collaboratively to plan, rehabilitate, and, ultimately, redevelop the property located at 1932-1946 South Taylor Road. 

This largely vacant building is owned by the City and is known as the “Taylor Tudor Plaza,” which was constructed in 1928 and is part of the Stadium Square National Register Historic District. The three-story structures consist of first floor retail space with two floors of residential units above. 

The Site is roughly bounded by S. Taylor Road to the east, and Superior Park Drive to the north, with private residential development on the west, and the Taylor Road Synagogue property to the south. The Site consists of Cuyahoga County parcel numbers 684-27-001, 684-26-011, and 684-26-012, and is within easy walking distance to businesses along S. Taylor Road, as well as Cain Park, which is a recreational jewel in the City and home to the City-owned arts and entertainment complex. 

Developers may request the opportunity to view the properties by emailing banderson@clvhts.com. The City will make best efforts to accommodate such requests but is subject to availability of staff.

A Pre-Submission Virtual Meeting was held on December 2 for those interested in submitting a response to the RFP/RFQ to ask questions of City staff. That meeting may be viewed here: https://clvhts.webex.com/recordingservice/sites/clvhts/recording/00049f6a35af103a93d60050568c3138/playback.
Password: 5BbcvWeb

Responses and supporting materials from interested qualified developers are due by December 10, 2021 at 4:00pm ET in accordance with the instructions in the RFP/RFQ document.

Please address questions to:

Timothy M. Boland
Director of Economic Development


Responses to questions related to the RFP/RFP will be posted below: 

Question: When does the City expect to schedule tours of the property for those interested in submitting a response:

Answer: The City will provide the opportunity for interested developers to tour the property on November 17 from 9:00 to 11:00am and November 18 from 2:00 to 4:00pm. Please see the directions above to RSVP. 

Question: Are there any floor plans or existing conditions documentation of the buildings? Has the City conducted a market analysis of the area?

Answer: The City does not have a floor plan or existing conditions documentation of the buildings. A market analysis of the area has not been conducted by the City.

Question: What is the breakdown of the apartment units by size/number of bedrooms?

Answer: To the best of our knowledge, the majority of units are one bedroom units. The corner units in the south and central buildings are two bedrooms (two in each for a total of four two bedrooms units). The remaining units (40 total) should all be one bedroom units and approximately 525 square feet. The two bedroom units are estimated to be 650 square feet. The unit breakdown by building is below.

  • The south building has 16 apartment units (14 one bedroom, 2 two bedroom)
  • The central building has 16 apartment units (14 one bedroom, 2 two bedroom)
  • The north building has 12 apartment units (all one bedroom)