June 2021 Cases

Case Number:3524
Applicant:Greg & Mary Pat Jolivette
Address:2791 Scarborough Road (map)
DistrictA Single-Family
Request:Proposing to build a 46’ by 26’ garage/indoor basketball court accessory building request
variances to
(a)Sect. 1121.12(a)(2) to have rear yard, west side yard & east side yard setbacks less than the minimum 5 feet;
(b) Sect.1121.12(d)(1) to permit the accessory building to cover more than 20% rear yd;
(c) Sect. 1121.12(e) to permit garage floor area to be greater than 733 square feet maximum permitted;
(d) Sect. 1121.12(g) to permit accessory building height to be taller than the maximum of 15 feet.
Site Plan (PDF)
Statement of Practical Difficulty (PDF)
Case Number:3525
Applicant:Muhammad Shazam & Rubina Hussain
Address:2599 North Park Blvd (map)
DistrictAA Single-Family
Request:Requests a variance to Sect. 1121.12(i)(1) to permit a rear fence in the Woodmere Dr. corner side yard to be taller than the 4’ maximum height permitted.
Site Plan (PDF)
Statement of Practical Difficulty (PDF)