Policies and Practices

These policies are currently under review.

Bias Free Policing - To emphasize the Police Department’s commitment to unbiased, equitable treatment of all persons in enforcing the law and providing police services and clarify the circumstances in which race or affiliation can be used as a factor to establish reasonable suspicion or probable cause.

Body Worn Camera Policy - To set forth the department policy for the use of body worn cameras (BWCs) by members of this department while in the performance of their duties. BWCs allow for accurate documentation of police-public contacts, arrests and critical incidents. They also serve to enhance the accuracy of an officer’s reports and testimony in court.

Community Engagement Policy - The police department is committed to establishing close ties with community organizations by being receptive and responsive to the needs of the community. Members of this agency will work to maintain relationships with existing community organizations and will assist with establishing new organizations as agency operations permit.

Hiring Practices - To identify the role of the Cleveland Heights Police Department in the recruitment and hiring process.

Use of Force Policy - To provide Officers with guidelines on the use of deadly and non-deadly force.