South of Cedar - Parking and Traffic Study

Grandview, Bellfield, Delaware, S. Overlook and Harcourt 

study area map


The City of Cleveland Heights has undertaken a comprehensive, data, and neighborhood-driven traffic and parking study of the area south of Cedar, including Grandview Avenue, Bellfield Avenue, Delaware Road, S. Overlook Road, and Harcourt Drive and the intersections of those streets with Cedar Road, North Park Boulevard and Cecil Place. Our team consists of transportation engineers and parking planners (WSP and Desman) and representatives of the City Manager’s office and the Police, Planning, and Economic Development departments.

Traffic speed, volume, and parking data were collected and analyzed; residents were surveyed and a neighborhood meeting and neighborhood workshop were held to gather resident input and preferences.  In 2020, the City will implement traffic calming measures on each street on a two- to three-month trial including chicanes, speed tables, mini-traffic circles, and similar measures to reduce speeding. Adjustments to parking regulations will be changed on some streets, including the possibility of resident parking permits on some streets. Toward the end of the trial, parking will be monitored and traffic speed and volume remeasured to assess the effect of the changes.

If you have questions about the process, please feel free to contact Richard Wong, Planning Director, 216-291-4868 or


Summer/Fall 2020
The report recommendations will be implemented for several months using NOACA’s Street Supplies program in Spring 2020.

Spring 2020
Surveys will be sent to residents of Grandview and Bellfield to determine neighborhood acceptance of paid overnight resident permit parking north of Cecil Place between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m., which may be implemented for a trial period.  The survey will require 50% of properties’ participation and, of those who participate, greater than 50% must support the permit trial for it to move forward.

  • Final Report - Coming Soon

October 2019

Neighborhood Meeting: Wednesday, October 30, 2019, 7:00 – 8:30 pm. 
The City of Cleveland Heights and our consultants presented potential traffic and parking solutions for the neighborhood.

Residents shared their preferences for their streets with the project team and short- and long-term implementation strategies were discussed. Residents voted on their preferences by placing colored dots on preferred traffic calming treatments at the following locations on each street: 

  • North end: partial closure, choker/neckdown, no treatment
  • Mid-block: choker/neckdown, chicanes, speed table, no treatment
  • Cecil intersection: mini-circle, all-way stop, no treatment
  • Additional treatments: speed advisory sign, close W. St. James between Grandview & North Park, bollards for North Park bicycle lanes, reduce radius at North Park, and channelization island at Harcourt/Cedar

Residents also weighed in on their preferred parking options including:

  • painting curbs/streets to prevent cars parking too close to driveways
  • retaining and/or expanding overnight parking
  • creating resident permit parking areas
  • other street-specific options

Information on NOACA’s short-term Street Supplies Program was also presented.

If you were unable to attend but would like to share your preferences for potential solutions as shown in the presentation here (link to 10-30 ppt), you may contact City Planner II, Kara Hamley O’Donnell at or 216-291-4885.  Please provide input by November 13, 2019.

Neighborhood Workshop: Wednesday, October 16, 2019, 6:30 - 8:30 pm. 

Parking, traffic volume/speed data and survey results were shared.  The consultant team presented traffic and parking tool kits.  Residents worked together to generate and discuss potential parking and traffic treatments based on the consultants’ presentations. 

Following the meeting, the planning team met to review the data, survey and workshop results to come up with several options for each street which will be presented at the October 30th neighborhood meeting for final neighborhood feedback.

September 2019
Planning, Economic Development and Police staff met with the parking and traffic consultants to review and discuss survey data and to plan for neighborhood workshop.

August 2019
160 neighborhood residents of Grandview, Bellfield, Delaware, S. Overlook, Harcourt and some North Park neighbors took the traffic/parking survey, providing helpful information to the City.

June 2019
Planning, Economic Development and Police staff met with the parking and traffic consultants to discuss next steps and create a neighborhood survey to collect neighborhood perceptions about current conditions and possible solutions in advance of the neighborhood meeting.  Gathering neighborhood insights supplements the hard data and allows the team to make the neighborhood meeting more productive and meaningful.

May 2019
Consultants entered, reviewed and analyzed the extensive data collected that documented on-street parking at various times of day, traffic volume, and traffic speed and distilled it into an understandable format. 

April 2019
The City undertook a traffic and parking study for these streets. The week of April 8, equipment collected parking, speed and volume data and consultants and staff walked and observed the neighborhood.  We conducted parking counts April 12 -17, from early in the morning until late into the evening.